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logo Alto Grande The whole generations of the coffee growers from Puerto Rican mountains in the Lares region have cultivated the best 100% Arabica beans. Unique combination of fertile soil, humidity, shapes of the valleys and know-how and craftsmanship of local people together with cutting-edge technology brings through our company to your table one of a kind coffee and that has become a favorite of the Vatican and royal and imperial courts.

Why may Alto Grande use the Super Premium appellation?

This highest quality coffee comes from a variety of shrub known as Arabic. Alto Grande Arabic is of the type Typica, Bourbon and Caturra and has the HB (hard beans) classification. These delicate shrubs that only grow in humid climates, high in the mountains of the tropics. Each Arabic tree only produces one pound of coffee a year; a limited production, but of an unsurpassable quality. The quality is also name of the game during the 8 day production process (for other coffees it takes maximum 2 days). The process complies with the strictest standards. The beans are chosen by hand (only 17-19 size) and are gathered when they are the ripest. The same day they are picked off the shrub, the pulp is separated from the coffee bean and it undergoes a rigorous and special cleaning, drying and classification process. The final stage is what makes a coffee Super Premium: the coffee producer who roasts (medium level) and packs it. An optimum quality is what makes our Super Premium Coffee stand out – a coffee we guard very carefully from the time it is harvested until it is vacuum-packed, keeping it as fresh as the same day it was roasted.
Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee is know “the very best” because its unique Arabica beans are grown under ideal soil and climate conditions and processed to the most exacting standards. Experts enthusiastically describe it as follows “This rare and exotic Puerto Rican coffee has a very bright, sparkling flavor and a sweet pointed aroma”.
Alto Grande, LLC brings to you exclusively the best quality coffee in the world. Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee is pride, quality, tradition, flavor and aroma; the perfect combination in one cup.




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Retail Price (included VAT) per pack of coffee Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee:

250g Alto Grande
250 g:  430 CZK košík
907g Alto Grande
907 g: 990 CZK košík