Coffee history

The history of coffee estates is closely related to the history of Puerto Rico. They were the heart of an industry which has brought worldwide fame to our island for the excellence of our coffee. It is enough to remember that last century, our coffee was consumed in the Vatican and in the royal and imperial courts of Europe and Japan. Back in the year 1899, Puerto Rico exported 60 million pounds of green coffee to the most demanding world capital markets, and during that era, there were more than 875 coffee estates on the island dedicated to the delicate process of elaborating quality coffee.

Originally, those estates were simple structures built with wood — grown in the same ranches where they were located — fastened with wood blocks and with straw or tiled ceilings. With the arrival of zinc in 1875, this material turned into the favorite for its resistance, light weight and easy transportation. With the industry’s growth, more facilities were added to the estates and that is how they became the center of economic activity in the region. We should not forget that practically half of the population was involved with the coffee industry. One estate encompassed a large house where the owners lived, a machinery house, a warehouse and a courtyard to dry the coffee, a stable, a bakery and additional houses. The primitive baking machines moved by animals and the grinders built of wood and bronze nails today are only but reminders of a good era.
Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters
However, one thing has not changed…the dedication with which the Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters continues to elaborate Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee which has brought Puerto Rico worldwide prestige for its delicious flavor and exquisite aroma. Most of the age-old coffee estates in Puerto Rico have disappeared – many destroyed by hurricanes – and less than 10 remain. Within one of them, the Alto Grande Hacienda located in the mountains of Lares. Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters still uses the most advanced technology to ensure the strictest quality controls, keeping true to tradition. For generations, we have personally selected the best coffee beans, supervised every aspect of production, and felt true pride in elaborating extraordinary coffee. The Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters name is your guarantee of an exceptional coffee.

In 2011 the company Alto Grande, LLC was founded in the Czech Republic. It has signed the long term exclusive contract with Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters for import and distribution.